Saudi Arabia just got a new heir to throne

The appointment of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is putting a new twist on changes in the monarchy. Here are some of the reforms he's thought to have supported so far:


  • A joint defense deal worth nearly $110 billion
  • The surge of new agreements between American and Saudi companies


  • The launch of Saudi Vision 2030, an economic program that plans to wean the country off oil by investing in the private sector and redistributing the work force


  • A military campaign against Yemeni rebels in a conflict that has killed thousands of civilians since 2015
  • Severing diplomatic relations with Iran and Qatar


  • Curtailing the powers of the country’s feared religious police, who can no longer detain people they identify as breaking their standards of moral conduct


  • New laws to increase women's rights including the right to vote and to run for office
  • More women in the workforce – including top job positions like head of the stock exchange